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Frequently Asked Questions

 "I don’t know if I should join orchestra?"
You absolutely should! You will be a part of one of the most successful organizations on campus. You will perform for thousands of people each year! You will learn the responsibility and self-discipline that it takes to succeed in all aspects of your adult life. You will make lots of new friends and go into the first day of high school already knowing your friends from middle school who continued into high school with you. Being a part of the orchestra program is the most unique opportunity there is in high school! Plus, colleges look for involvement in an activity when going through applications, and participation in orchestra helps you stand out! Most importantly, you will have lots of fun! 

“What orchestra class should I sign up for?”
Freshmen should sign up for Orchestra 3, sophomores Orchestra 4, juniors Orchestra 5, and seniors Orchestra 6.  Students will then be placed into one of our ensembles based on their auditions.

“I don’t have a ride home, so I don't think I would be able to make it to concerts.”
No worries! You should definitely come. We can always find a ride home for you. Not having a ride is never an excuse. We can always find a way for you to get home if you can not be picked up. Even if you do not have a ride here, we can find a way!

"I don't think i'll have time for orchestra with all my advanced classes or dual enrollment!" 
Students in the orchestra program have some of the highest GPA’s in the school, and historically many of our Super Scholars (students accepted into the top 20 colleges and universities in the COUNTRY) and our Valedictorians and/or Salutatorians have come from the orchestra program.  A very large portion of our students are in AP and Honors Classes. Most have 3.5 GPA’s and higher! Orchestra students are regarded throughout the school by the teachers as some of the best students in their class.  What you learn in orchestra is Time Management. This is the skill that you will learn that will help be successful in your classes and in life after high school.

"Playing is cool...but what ELSE will we do???"

So much!  Here is a list of things other than rehearsing a performing that we do each year!

  • Welcome Jamboree for all new and returning members with games, prizes, pizza, candy, and a movie!

  • Orchestra shirts and hoodies with each member's name on them

  • Field trip to WKMG News 6 Studios to record holiday music (which is broadcast on TV!) followed by lunch out at a restaurant!

  • Field trip to attend a dress rehearsal of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, followed by dinner at an area restaurant.

  • Winter Celebration with hot cocoa, games, prizes, Secret Santa, pizza, candy, and a holiday movie!

  • Annual field trip to an area theme park- in the past we've visited Busch Gardens, Magic Kingdom, and Islands of Adventure!

  • Participation in a Walt Disney World Performing Arts Workshop- which includes a day in the theme park afterwards!

  • Have ideas?  Join and share them with us!

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