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Orchestra Newsletter 9/15

Hello, Orchestra Students & Families!


Several "THANK YOUS!!!!" to give out in this section!

  • THANK YOU to the donors who gave almost $5000 towards our InstaRaise fundraiser! Your contribution helps me provide a top quality music education for your child and the children in the orchestra program- we TRULY could not do this without you!

  • THANK YOU to the almost 70 students who attended our annual Welcome Jamboree! The students had a wonderful time eating snacks and pizza, playing ice-breakers and games, and getting to know one another as fellow students!

  • THANK YOU to the students who participate in our first Brookdale Recital! These hardworking students prepared repertoire that they selected on their own, and performed for the residents of Brookdale Assisted Living Facility just down the road from our school! We couldn't be more proud of the impact of their artistic talents in the community, and pictures of the evening are on the way!



  • Here is the website to set up your child's payments for the ASTA Nationals Trip:

  • The trip number is 10859

  • $75 dollar deposit was due August 30.

  • Installment 2 of $220.50 is due September 18.

  • WE STILL NEED THREE MORE CHAPERONES TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Thank you to Mrs. Caputo, Mrs. Anderson, and Mr. McNarney for agreeing to chaperone for this trip! If you would like to apply to chaperone, please fill out the form here:


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Download PDF • 47KB


  • They will be $11.05 per ticket, and will be available by online purchase only. Tickets may be purchased in advance or at the door! Donations can also be made at the time of ticket purchases. The website for ticket purchases will be coming soon!


  • These are the items that received the most votes in our apparel voting form! Be on the lookout for order forms soon!

  • 1st 9 Weeks events:

  • Saturday, September 23rd, Freedom High School- All-State Auditions (All-State students only)

  • Monday, September 25th-Thursday, September 28th (by appointment after school)- All-County auditions

  • Wednesday, October 11th, 7pm- Fall Orchestra Concert (required for all orchestra students)

  • What Does My Child Need for Their Orchestra Uniform?

  • Remaining Concert Dates for 23-24 School Year:

  • Tuesday, December 5th, 7pm

  • Thursday, February 22nd, 7pm

  • Music Performance Assessment (one of these dates): Thursday, February 29th-Saturday, March 2nd

  • Friday, April 26th, 7pm

  • VPA Magnet Recitals:

  • Magnet Students are required to wear their VPA Polos all day on recital days in order to receive full recital credit. This year, being in uniform and attending recitals will be a grade for VPA Magnet students. Being tardy or out of uniform will result in a lower grade. Missing the recital without first submitting an "Excused Absence Application" form will result in a F for that recital grade.

  • Here are the remaining VPA Recital Dates for this year (also available digitally at Calendar):

  • Wednesday, November 8th- 1:30pm

  • Wednesday, January 17th- 1:30pm

  • Wednesday, February 7th- 1:30pm

  • Wednesday, March 13th- 1:30pm

  • Monday, May 6th- 2:30pm (Seniors only, dress rehearsal)

  • Tuesday, May 7th- 7:00pm

As always, please call, email, or message with any questions or concerns! Sincerely, Mrs. Raine Allen

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