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About the Visual & Performing Arts Magnet Program


The Visual & Performing Arts Magnet Program of Dr. Phillips High School is proud to receive the Magnet Schools of America Award of Distinction for the 2023 school year!

According to the School Choice Department of Orange County Public Schools:

"The Visual and Performing Arts Magnet (VPA) offers programs in Dance, Music, Television Production, Theatre, and Visual Art. With a strong emphasis on college preparation, students develop the skills and knowledge required to excel in their creative and academic future. VPA students have many opportunities to share their art, from monthly department recitals to performances and exhibitions throughout the community. In addition, students have the opportunity to learn from and perform for visiting guest artists."

Students & parents can access the application for our Magnet Program here (applications will open November 1st, 2022): 



The mission & vision of the VPA Magnet program is described thusly from our school website:

 "Our mission is to provide high quality, innovative performing and visual arts instruction that is designed to meet the unique needs of artistically gifted and talented students. It is our vision that students participating in this dynamic, autonomous, and student-centered model will graduate with the exemplary academic foundation necessary for success in higher education and future careers in the fine arts."

The VPA Magnet Program Requirements per Academic Year:

Freshman year: Performance Ensemble (1 elective credit) + Keyboard I (1 elective credit)

Sophomore year: Performance Ensemble (1 elective credit) + Music Theory I (1 elective credit)

Junior year: Performance Ensemble (1 elective credit) + Electronic Music I (1 elective credit)

Senior year: Performance Ensemble (1 elective credit) + AP Music Theory (1 elective credit)

Our OUTSTANDING Visual & Performing Arts Magnet Faculty

(Performing Arts-Music only)


Ms. Nicole Nasrallah-


Mr. Charles Watford, Director-

Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, AP Music Theory

Mr. Matt Malhiot, Associate Director-

Symphonic Band, Electronic Music I-IV, Jazz Band, Tri-M Music Honor Society Sponsor


Ms. Solangi Santiago, Associate Director-

Music Theory I

Mr. Patrick Waters, Director-

Music History

Chorus Ensembles (taught by both directors):

9-10 Beginning Treble Choir

11-12 Beginning Treble Choir

Tenor-Bass Choir

Select Treble Choir

Mixed Choir


Mr. Jeff Brown, Instructor-

Keyboard I

Mrs. Jane Moore, Instructor-

Keyboard I-IV


Mrs. Raine Allen, Director-

Keyboard I

Sinfonia Orchestra

Philharmonia Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra

Premiere Orchestra

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