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The Dr. Phillips High School Orchestra Program is an expensive program to run.  Although we do receive a small amount of funding from the county, this amount is not nearly enough to cover our yearly expenses. Like other campus organizations, we must raise enough money to keep our program in top shape.  Students enrolled in orchestra must participate in the “Fair Share” program.  Each year, each orchestra student is responsible for $100, contributed as his or her “fair share.”  This money is used for music, entry fees in festivals, orchestra room supplies, and group transportation costs.  On average, one new piece of music costs between $40 and $120; we generally purchase 2-3 new pieces per concert cycle.  Entry fees plus transportation costs for district AND state MPA average over $3,000.  These are just a few examples of our costs.  Fair Share payments will be made through

***OCPS now strongly encourages all monetary transactions requiring a receipt to be completed through this website; therefore, cash & check Fair Share payments will no longer be accepted.  Please plan on paying your child’s Fair Share via SchoolPay by the end of the 1st nine weeks grading period.


How does fundraising fit in with “fair share”?

Some families do not have an extra $100.  For this reason, students are provided the opportunity to participate in fundraising activities.  Fundraisers vary from year to year, but there are a few traditional ones you can expect annually.

What if we don’t want our students to have to fundraise?

No student is forced to fundraise, but each student is responsible for a contribution to the program of $100.  If students do not make arrangements with the director to pay their $100 Fair Share, then that amount will be added to their obligations.  If you feel your family qualifies for a Hardship Exception, please contact the director at

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