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All-State Information


  • Requirements: Audition requirements are usually posted in early May. 

  • Eligibility: Please refer to the FMEA All-State Eligibility Policy.

  • Audition Dates are usually in late September but vary by district. Check with your FOA District Chair for your district's date. 

  • Registration: 

    • Students register for All-State Auditions through their Orchestra Director.

    • Orchestra Directors: register your students through the MPA Online system.  Contact your district chair for more information. 

  • Recording:  Directors, if you will be one of the proctors helping during the audition process, watch this video of the recording process.


Any questions about All-State auditions should be asked to your Orchestra Director. 



Any student participating in an FMEA/FOA All-State orchestra must be enrolled/registered at a public school, private school, public charter school, home education music cooperative, or virtual school. In addition, the student must be a regularly participating member in the appropriate middle school or high school orchestra from that school and sponsored by the Active FMEA/FOA member teacher from that school.  Home education students must meet the requirements and complete the additional paperwork on the FMEA All-State Eligibility Page.


Audition Results

Audition results are usually released during the first week of November to FOA member directors. 


Rehearsals & Performances

All-State performances are part of the Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) Professional Development Conference in January. For more information about the performances and rehearsals, please see the FMEA Conference website and the FMEA All-State Conference Policies.


DIRECTORS of accepted all-state students are REQUIRED TO REGISTER AND ATTEND the FMEA Conference on January 10-13, 2024. See the FMEA Conference Policies for details. 



Each all-state ensemble has a coordinator to manage the logistics of that ensemble. They are elected members of the executive board. Read about their duties in the All-State Coordinator Handbook posted on the Handbooks and Policies page

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