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Annual Orchestra Events

Each year, though the extracurricular performance offerings may vary from year to year, there are a set of performance opportunities that students and parents can expect each year.  They are listed below along with information sheets.


There are four concerts per year: the Fall Concert in October, the Winter Concert in December, the Pre-MPA Concert in February, and the Spring Concert in late April/early May.  All concerts begin at 7pm.  Students and parents can check specific dates on our calendar page. 


Each year in February, high school orchestra students may participate in District Solo & Ensemble through the Florida Orchestra Association.  Students must sign up through their director.  A sample participant contract and a page of helpful tips can be found below:


Each year, every orchestra in the DPHS Orchestra Program participates in Music Performance Assessment.  This is an adjudicated (scored) event where each ensemble performs for a panel of three certified judges and is graded based on their overall stage performance & sight-reading abilities.  The scores assigned can be: Superior (1), Excellent (2), Good (3), Fair, (4), Poor (5).  Below is a sample information sheet & itinerary.


The following opportunities are available each year to students who would like to pursue them:

  • All-State Orchestra

  • OCPS All-County Orchestra

  • State Solo & Ensemble

  • State Music Performance Assessment (Premiere only)

  • Holiday Orchestra (WKMG News 6 "Sounds of the Season" & community performances)

  • Brookdale Assisted Living Facility Recitals (monthly)

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